Modular Construction Vs. Site Build

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If you want to build your own home, most likely you’ve been tossing around your building options. Which is better, modular construction or a site built home?

There are many differences, so it’s good to review them in order to make an informed choice.

Appearance: You cannot tell the difference between a modular built home and a stick built home. Both can have any architectural feature you want, incorporate any window style, wall, or door you want.

Styles of modular homes vary greatly. You can make traditional choices like a two-story, ranch, or colonial. Or, if you want a more modern design, we have modular blueprints with all the latest design trends.

Floor Plans and Design: Both building methods offer custom designs, either by the builder or an architect.

Time Frame: With modular construction, the site work occurs at the same time as the home construction. Unhindered by weather, factory constructed homes are generally built more quickly than site-built homes.

Building Process: Modular homes are built in a factory on an assembly line. Unlike traditionally built homes, there is no risk that building materials are exposed to the ever-changing weather, or to vandalism and theft.

That’s why manufactured homes are typically constructed faster than stick built homes.

Building Codes: Traditionally built homes have less regulation than modular homes. Our industry must comply with a rigorous inspection process. Further, modulars meet all the same building codes as a site built home, and typically exceeds them.

Cost: Modular manufacturers buy building materials in bulk, which is a cost savings to both the manufacturer and the customer. There is less waste due to inefficiency, water damage, and weather conditions.

A factory setting also allows for more organization and more streamlined construction. With increased planning and fewer timelines, construction time of a custom home is generally faster, as well as more economical.

And more importantly, modular homes are built stronger, with 20% more lumber graded as prime, making them a better value!

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