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Thinking about building a new home? If so, you’re probably asking yourself,

Which is the better option, stick built or modular?”

And, no matter which building method you choose, quality is your top concern.

After all, this is a home you’re going to live in for years. You want superior construction!

At Virginia Modular Homes 1st, we help homebuilders just like you get into their new home 4-5 months sooner than a stick built home.

And we do it without compromising an inch of quality! In fact, we’re obsessed with producing superior modular homes.

That’s why we guarantee our home construction—We stand behind you every step of the way!

 Take a plant tour and we’ll take $1,000 off the price once you commit to work with us.





We answer the phone 7 Days a week 24 Hours a Day (540) -256-3242 . Our process begins with listening to you, the customer … hearing about what you are looking for, your budget, and your timeline.

After discussing your goals, the experienced team at Virginia Modular Homes 1st helps you every step of the way from floor plan design to move-in. We are here for you, and you can count on us starting with your first phone call or visit.


There are many benefits to building a custom home with Virginia Modular Homes 1st. Here are just a few that are included at no extra cost:

  • Plywood wall and roof sheathing

  • 30 year architectural shingles

  • Solid surface countertops with tile backsplash

  • Large selection of kitchen and bath cabinet styles, all with dovetail construction and soft close drawers

  • Excellent energy saving package… plus finishing touches like kitchen crown molding, cabinet hardware, and our interior and exterior lighting package

Our standard services include your own personal building consultant who works with you, at your pace, from start to finish. And, our prices include floor plan design and blueprints, delivery from the factory to your building lot, crane and set, taxes, plus interior and exterior finish work.

Full disclosure on all costs associated with building your home are included in our standard pricing.

At Virginia Modular Homes 1st, we believe in the quality of our construction, and the quality of the information we provide.


We have experience spanning 40+ years in over 2,000 housing units. We have built on the coast, on narrow lots, and on difficult building sites.

We have built on piers, as well as pre-existing foundations, and we have managed the most unfortunate situations when customers have lost their homes to a fire or storm.

Setting and finishing homes, so they are well equipped to answer all your questions.



Stick Built vs Factory Construction: The Hidden Benefits of Modular Homes

A modular home is not a type of home, it’s a building method. A stick built home is constructed completely outdoors, while a modular is built inside a factory protected from the elements.

Modulars adhere to the same building codes as site built homes, but that’s where the similarities end.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, skilled craftsmen build homes that stand the test of time.

Here’s how.

Construction worker measuring

Virginia Modular Homes 1st constructs with:

  • 20% MORE lumber than stick built homes—and the lumber is graded as prime

  • More framing and fastening materials to withstand shipping and craning. They’re stronger than stick built homes!

  • Reduced air infiltration—They are more tightly constructed

  • High performance windows, which reduce energy consumption, allowing for a quieter home, reduced moisture, and reduced opportunity for bugs and rodents to enter the dwelling

Even with all of these outstanding qualities, perhaps the best reason to choose a modular home is this:

Modular container homes are held to a higher building standard than site built homes, by law!

And that higher standard results in homes that are “greener” due to tight construction and energy efficiency.

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Take a plant tour and get $1,000 off your new modular home when you commit to work with us!



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  • VA Loans
  • Conventional Loans


Why Modular Construction Is Superior to Site Build Construction


Because our homes are built inside, they are never exposed to the ever-changing weather. That means building materials are not exposed to the elements. EVER.

Further, a factory environment organizes and streamlines the entire building process.

Working on an assembly line, highly skilled plumbers, carpenters, and electricians build your new home under controlled atmospheric conditions using state-of-the-art equipment.

Modular construction also has the distinct advantage of:

  • Having site work and construction occurring at the same time
  • Fixed pricing, predictable costs
  • No open-ended allowances
  • More planning, which prevents costly overruns
  • More building regulation which ensures a higher standard of quality

With a factory-built home, there are less wasted materials due to inefficiency, water damage, or weather.

That means modular construction is not only faster, it’s a most cost-efficient way to build a custom home.

After all, time is money!

Additionally, Virginia Modular Homes 1st can buy building materials in bulk, passing that savings onto you, while still maintaining our high building process standards.

And a shorter construction time also saves you money on construction financing.

Modular homes are stronger homes built under controlled conditions. Site built homes experience delays and damage to weather, a factor that cannot be controlled.


Options and More Options with Your Custom-Built Virginia Modular Home

Construction Worker

Whether you’re looking for a small green modular home or a luxury custom home, we can build it for you!

With literally hundreds of floor plans to choose from, we have the flexibility to completely customize your new home.

Or, we can design your home from the ground up with our in-house engineering department. 

Call (540) -256-3242 for a free estimate!


Exceptional, Controlled Building Quality

WarrantyVirginia Modular Homes 1st has internal quality control systems with every step of the building process.

Third-party inspections are performed at the completion of each building stage to ensure that the home complies with all State codes.

Without this seal of approval, our homes don’t leave the plant!

Structural Warranty

Each of our homes is backed by a written 10-year structural warranty.




House made of money

Financing for Your Modular Home

Virginia Modular Homes 1st offers a range of financing options for your new modular home.

From VHDA, FHA, VA, and conventional, we are one of the top-rated financing companies in the country for factory manufactured homes.

With a long history of customer satisfaction, we offer financing for State of Virginia residents as well as for modular home buyers in 35 other states.

We work diligently to find the right loan option for you!


Take A Plant Tour

Still on the fence? Take a tour of our manufacturing facility. We know you’re going to be impressed with the incredible quality of the work.

And, after taking a plant tour, we’ll take $1,000 off your home price once you commit to work with us.

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