5 Reasons To Build

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Modern Modular Homes for VA

5 Reasons To Build Modular

Custom - Strong & Efficient - Faster - Better - Controlled.


There are so many good solid reasons to build modern modular homes in VA! 

We get you into your new home generally 4-5 months quicker and with superior quality!

But for now, here are our top 5 reasons:


  1. Custom Built Work
    • We offer limitless design options with precision engineering using Computer Aided Design (CAD). This allows for further customization of floor plans and elevations.
    • Same architectural details as traditionally constructed homes.
    • Our homes are built to exceed local codes. Factory-constructed homes are indistinguishable from stick built homes.


  1. Strong & Efficient
    • Built with 20% more lumber than site-built homes.
    • More framing and fastening materials to withstand the stress of shipping and crane-lifting. That makes factory-built homes stronger than traditionally constructed homes.
    • “Greener” construction than stick built homes because the construction is tighter with more energy efficiency.
    • Air filtration is reduced
    • Tighter construction tolerances
    • High-performance windows are used to reduce energy consumption. You have a quieter home!
    • Less moisture possibilities. This blocks rodents and bugs from gaining entrance into your home.


  1. Faster Construction
    • The site work can be completed while your house is under construction.
    • Shorter construction time means money savings on construction loan financing, storage expenses, and alternative living arrangements.



Modular Construction Schedule Graphic


   4. Better Building Practices

    • Built in a state-of-the art atmosphere-controlled facility. This allow us to integrate best practices for work flow, and our full-time skilled craftsmen.
    • From the wall to the floor to the ceiling, all components are sized, assembled and aligned with absolute precision.
    • Built to national building code standards. This typically exceeds local and state codes.


    5. Controlled Costs

    • Predictable costs with fewer change orders allow us to have fixed pricing. There are NO risky open-ended allowances!
    • Before construction begins, planning is complete. This prevents expensive cost overruns and material delays.
    • Scheduling is more efficient. The sequence of construction is quality controlled.
    • Building materials are safely stored and secured. This reduces the risk of mold, theft, water damage, vandalism, and warping.
    • Because the factory is climate controlled, there is maximum year-round productivity, which reduces building costs while optimizing workmanship with ideal indoor conditions.

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